Sunday, September 02, 2007


Okay, so the Phillies lost yesterday and the Mets won, but I'm okay with that.

In the family interest of college football......

UCF 25, North Carolina State University 23

Georgia Tech 33, Notre Dame 3.


annb said...

I tagged you! You can see it here.

Jeff said...

Saturday was one of the best sports days ever: Michigan loses, Tech obliterates Notre Dame, and then rookie Clay Bucholz tosses a no-no for the Sox!

FRIGGA said...

Um, go team. :-)


I wanted to let you know I posted the results of my 13 Q's about Jury Duty! :P

retrodaddy said...

Congrats to the Knights. They really took it to the Wolfpack, who were fortunate to make the final score as close as it was.

And, while I try to not kick a man while he's down, I was happy to see Tech's pimpslapping of ND, as it forces Cheeseburger to shut his mouth for at least a little while. Err, at least as far as words are concerned.