Sunday, September 09, 2007

College Football - Updated and Trivia

It's about 12:15am on Sunday. Right now I am 14 and 4 in my picks with three games still in play, so I could wrap up at 17 and 4 which isn't too bad. Update Sunday Morning, I wound up 16-5 because Auburn couldn't handle South Florida, geez.

I imagine that by Wednesday they'll have announced the dismissal of the head coach at Michigan. No team with that legacy should start out the way they have.

Games of note today... Michigan losing horribly, Georgia Tech winning splendidly, and UGA losing to the unranked Gamecocks of South Carolina.

We went to trivia tonight and came in first. We were never behind, though we were tied going into the final bonus question. We missed 6 possible points in the whole game. The points we lost were 2 points on a regular question...

Who is the first person to receive two busts in the NFL Hall of Fame, one as a player and one as a broadcaster? We said Madden.

And a bonus question worth 4 points each, to name the 4 oldest baseball parks in the National League (he specified these are for baseball only and to name the park, not the team). We answered correctly... Shea Stadium, Dodgers Stadium, and Wrigley Field. Our incorrect 4th answer was RFK stadium in Washington DC.

I'll let y'all guess at what we missed in those two.

The final bonus was on the olympics. As organized by the IOGC (I think), in what year were the first MODERN Olympic games held? We knew it right off, and the team that was tied with us was off by 8 years.... your answers....


Sparky Duck said...

1.Hank Schram?


3.1906, though I am not sure on that one

Sparky Duck said...

and what no mention of the South Florida Bulls????