Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tirade Revisited

I don't apologize for saying what I think.

I refuse to censor myself in the name of political correctness.

There are too many problems that need to be fixed at the source rather than treated after they manifest themselves.

I wrote a blog entry about some of this a few weeks ago and someone called me a racist, perhaps this newer version is non-specific enough to prevent that from happening again.

I write about things like television and sports and the majority of the comments can't really relate. I write about the possession of information and the majority express lack of knowledge.

So what do you want to read here?

I can't write about the beauty in the world because there is simply not enough of it in my life to share and I refuse to be artificial. Do you want a world where if you get hurt, everyone you know rallies in support and waits and prays for a positive outcome? I would like that too, but it only exists in books, movies, and television, in works of FICTION.

You want to tell me that if I change, than I will have a life like that? Tell me how. How do you change your personality. How do you change who you are, especially if we are the people God created us to be?


amy said...

i liked this post. I dont think you should apologize. I think some people may get offended because many things seem to generalize a who group of people.

You are very realistic. You cant change your personality, but sometimes you can change how you react to people. That is something I need to work on.
Great question at the end

jenn said...

You shouldn't change who you are for anyone. That's what makes life interesting, we're all different.

Krajcimama said...

Personally, I feel it's YOUR blog and you should be able to express yourself the way you want. It's tough to be critized, but that is what happens when you put yourself out there so honestly.

Don't change...for anyone online at least! You have a beautiful wife and I'm sure if you look around you can find many more beautiful things in your life. Soon (although not soon enough I'm sure) you will have a beautiful daughter... and being strong in you convictions and raising her to have the same passion about things that you do is very important.

You will never make everyone happy. There will always be someone who has something to say when you are honest and lay yourself out there. Focus on those who love you and don't worry about people who don't get it. I have many friends who I have agreed to disagree with...if they can't like me for who I am then they can't be my friend.

So...don't change a thing ~ you are right, God created you to be just the way you are and in his eyes you are just the way he planned...perfect. :) (Amy, just wanted you to know I'm not hitting on your hubby... :)

Suprina said...

What a interesting question.
You know what I tell people when they ask me to change my personality?

"Give me a few days, because he still workin on me to make me what I want to be."--I always get strange looks.

It is a childhood christian song that my Grandpa taught me when I was 10 and having some trouble with friends.

Michael, I have been reading your blog for a while. Matter of fact, your blog is how I found your wife's blog. Anyway, to me you have never said anything offensive.

I get a lot out of your blog. I have found in life that you just can't make everyone happy. And I find that my blog gives me a since of piece and makes me happy. Even if I didn't have a comment (although comments are nice) I would still blog.

I haven't had any "haters" to my blog as of yet. But for some reason I feel it coming.

Just keep being the stand up man you are....

Kats said...

I agree with Amy, you shouldn't apologize for what you believe in or how you feel. Everyone should be able to express themselves and if other people are offended then maybe they are the ones that need to take another look at themselves to see if they have issues that are unresolved. God made each and every one of us just the way He wants us and that is something that no MAN can change!!

Sallie said...

racist, uh, yeah, that's why you are adopting a foreign baby with a different color skin than you.. makes perfect sense..

God bless,

Patti said...

I like what you post ... and if I don't agree at least it gets me thinking. Keep on doing what you're doing! :)

Bubba's Sis said...

It's YOUR blog, dude - keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your posts.