Wednesday, September 05, 2007

College Football - w/e 9/8/07

Okay, I have to admit, I am no expert, but here are my gut feelings regarding the top 25 college teams for this coming week...

Thursday, September 6
7:00 PM ET Middle Tennessee St. at Louisville (8)
Lousville in a landslide, I say by 24 points

Friday, September 7
7:00 PM ET Navy at Rutgers (16)
Rutgers in a game that will be closer than it should, by 10.

Saturday, September 8
11:10 AM ET West Virginia (4) at Marshall
Laughing all the way to the goal line. UCF beat Marshall last year in front of a national audience and WITH Matthew McCaughney on the Marshall sidelines.
Mountaineers by 15.

12:00 PM ET Nebraska (17) at Wake Forest
Here's the first upset of the day. WF got some votes this week and they are at home. Demon Deacons by 6.

12:00 PM ET Akron at Ohio State (11)
Mercy Killing, OSU by 30.

12:00 PM ET Miami at Oklahoma (6)
This is Miami as in Florida? Guess the judge gave them permission to travel, Sooners by 22.

1:30 PM ET Samford at Georgia Tech (21)
Something tells me not to guarantee Tech after their high and mighty upset at Notre Dame last week, but they'll maintain. Tech by 9.

2:00 PM ET California (10) at Colorado State
Cal by 12.

2:30 PM ET North Carolina State at Boston College (25)
The Wolfpack are reeling after a visit from UCF last week, and they are on the road. BC by 7.

3:30 PM ET Fresno State at Texas A&M (23)
Home game for the 12th man. Not a nailbiter, Aggies roll by 10.

3:30 PM ET Boise State (20) at Washington
Close enough they may as well call it an in-state rivalry, not that anyone cares about college football in the Pacific Northwest. The blue field guys by 18.

5:45 PM ET South Carolina at Georgia (12)
I called on Spurrier to beat the Dogs last year and he failed me. UGA here by 18.

6:00 PM ET Troy at Florida (3)
Good Lord, pad the National Champs with patsies two weeks in a row?!?! UF by 45.

6:00 PM ET Notre Dame at Penn State (15)
The Irish drop to 0-2 after Papa Joe (and his oxygen tank) beat them by 21. The Lions are NOt the Yellowjackets.

6:30 PM ET Brigham Young at UCLA (14)
Oh Yeah, pick on the Mormons... UCLA by 21.

7:00 PM ET Southern Mississippi at Tennessee (24)
An in-conference match-up in the SEC! UT lost last week to a better team, they'll redeem themselves this week. Vols by 13.

7:00 PM ET Texas Christian (19) at Texas (7)
I'd love to see an upset here to put UT off for next week's game at UCF. I don't expect it, but my pick is TCU by 8.

7:00 PM ET Hawaii (22) at Louisiana Tech
The Samoan Defensive Line rules. Hawaii by 6 because of the jet lag.

9:00 PM ET South Florida at Auburn (13)
I really don't care for Auburn, but UCF has USF again this year and that's enough to make me a Tiger this week. Auburn by 27.

9:15 PM ET Virginia Tech (9) at Louisiana State (2)
Probably the best matchup of the week. LSU will dominate, but it will be fun to watch. Tigers by 8.

10:00 PM ET Wisconsin (5) at UNLV
Bucky the Badger in the cheesiest game in Nevada. Let's see, UNLV is known for hoops and cacti, time to say UW with the W, by 23.


Bubba's Sis said...

Gig 'em, Aggies! Beat the hell outta Fresno State!

I didn't know Fresno WAS a state!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Michael, hate to be a naysayer, but you've got your facts wrong on the Southern Miss/TN game. It's not an SEC conference game. USM is in Conference USA. We're hoping they do well, but I have a feeling TN is going to emerge the victor :(

Have a great day!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yeah, I stand corrected due to a late-night brain fart. I knew there were two SEC teamas in Mississippi, one being Old Miss (Univ. of Miss) and the OTHER one is Mississippi State, MSU being easily confused by a dyslexic making it SMU, which could also be Southern Methodist (but that;s in TX).

retrodaddy said...

Texas-TCU is an intriguing game...Texas struggled mightily with lowly Arkansas St., but who knows if that was partly due to looking ahead to TCU? I certainly like TCU + points there.

I think Washington-Boise State will turn out to be a wild game that comes down to the final possession. BC should win by a good bit. Ha'waii, despite being less dangerous on the mainland, will roll over a bad La. Tech team.
I think Nebraska manages an ugly win over Wake Forest.

GT, despite its penchant for playing down to the level of crappy competition, will roll over Samford. USC will manage to keep it close against UGA and lose by about 8 points or so. I wouldn't be surpised to see them pull off the win, but they're gonna have to hold UGA to 13 points or so for that to happen.

Sparky Duck said...

Wow, were you off. And I truly think the PACNW comment was towards me, mhmm