Sunday, October 02, 2011

Been a long time

Good Morning!

I don't know that many or any people read this anymore, but I suddenly felt like writing something today. It's been 10 months and a lot has changed in my life...

When I last wrote here, I was dramatically underemployed. I had lost my full-time job and was working one day a week to net about $60 for 8-9 hours work.

In late February I started working 3 evenings a week for Johnny's NY Style Pizza as a delivery driver. I know the owners of this restaurant from playing trivia there with some friends over the years and as I have pizza delivery experience from my college days. I was a help in this position because they had never offered delivery in the 12 years they have been open. Things began slowly but have picked up and the delivery business is steadily growing. It's been 7 months and I am still working with them for some extra money and because I find it fun.

In early May I was contacted by a friend from college about a job with her company. I know Suzanne from the Wesley Foundation (United Methodist Campus Ministry at UCF). She knew I needed a full-time job and she needed a driver/merchandiser at her Boar's Head distributorship. I started working there in mid-May, delivering deli meats and cheeses to Kroger and a few independent stores Monday through Friday each week.

My hope was to be able to move up into sales and my progress is going well. I started at a rate $1 higher than my rate at Walgreens. At three months I received an additional $1 per hour raise, and this week I met with the owner of the company to discuss a change in my duties. I will only be driving the truck 2 days a week and the other 3 days I will be just going to stores to merchandise product. I am also receiving another $1/hour raise!

We're just 4 days shy of our 10th wedding anniversary. On Wednesday, Amy and I are going to see Wicked! the Musical for the 2nd time. On Thursday we will head out to spend a few days in TN to celebrate with our now 3 and a half year old daughter, LynnMarie.

The Phillies are in the playoffs for the 5th consecutive year and I got to see them live on Wednesday of this week as they played spoiler to the Atlanta Braves, ending their playoff hopes.

I still follow UCF for my college football enthusiasm. They are 2-2 right now and about to start their C-USA conference play.