Saturday, September 29, 2007

Errand running

I did not do well at poker today, so I was home before 3pm. I got home and after Amy came down from her nap we watched this week's How I met Your Mother and then we went to the Mall. Amy needed some new shoes, and we walked around and I looked at some sunglasses. When we were done we went to dinner at Red Lobster, then browsed at the Halloween store for costume ideas. Amy really wants me to dress up this year and I really liked a Ghostbusters costume I saw.
On the way home we also stopped at Petland, where almost two years ago we bought Lucy the Basset Hound. They have a TON of kittens today and as you can see, they are absolutely cute. A stop at Walgreen's finished the day's errands and home we are to relax and probably watch some Grey's Anatomy Season 3 episodes.


Sallie said...

cute cute cute... too bad...

God bless,

Suprina said...

Awww, look at those sweet little kitties....oooh, I want that Orange one! I already have a black cat, I think it would be pretty cool to have a orange cat!
Adopting a pet is awesome. I love my baloo kitty SO very much!

Don't they just want to make you take them all home????

Michael, Do you admit that you like cat???? My husband likes them too but never admits it...LOL

Heart of Rachel said...

A Ghostbusters costume is a cool idea. Mr. Incredible is also cute.

I hope each one of those kittens can find a good home.

Bubba's Sis said...

You didn't bring a kittie home??

FRIGGA said...

I wish I could take all those kitties home with me! As much as I love my apartment, I can't wait until I can afford to move into a place where I can have my Dasher back :-( At least I'll get to go visit Dasher today :-)

Oh, and if you really like the Ghostbuster costume, why are you leaving your choice in the hands of the fickle internet?