Wednesday, September 26, 2007

News of the weird and plain stupid

Man finds human leg in auctioned smoker

Published on: 09/25/07

Maiden, N.C. — A man who bought a smoker Tuesday at an auction of abandoned items might have thought twice had he looked inside first.

Maiden police said the man opened up the smoker and saw what he thought was a piece of driftwood wrapped in paper. When he unwrapped it, he found a human leg, cut off 2 to 3 inches above the knee.

The smoker had been sold at an auction of items left behind at a storage facility, so investigators contacted the mother and son who had rented the space where the smoker was found.

The mother said that her son had his leg amputated after a plane crash and kept the leg after the surgery. The mother said her son plans to drive to Maiden, about 35 miles northwest of Charlotte, to reclaim his amputated leg, police said.

Motorcyclist clocked going 135 mph on Ga. 400

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 09/25/07

Alpharetta police say they clocked a motorcyclist, with a female passenger on back, going 135 miles per hour on Ga. 400 Monday night.

Police reported that they first spotted the motorcycle about 11:20 p.m., traveling 102 mph while going north on Ga. 400 near Haynes Bridge Road. Officers began chasing and realized a woman was riding on the back of the Suzuki GSXR600.

More North Fulton and Forsyth news

Before reaching Forsyth County, the motorcycle was clocked at 135 mph, police said. The motorcyclist pulled off the side of Ga. 400, police said, but sped away when an officer got out of his car to make an arrest.

The motorcyclist turned onto Peachtree Parkway, drove through two red lights and turned onto Old Alpharetta Road before stopping, police said. The officer said he tackled the driver and rider because he did not see their hands and they did not comply with his order to get off the bike.

Sergey M. Drotenko, 23, of Powder Springs was charged with felony attempting to elude police, two counts of speeding and other violations. The passenger was not charged. Police said they gave her a ride to a nearby gas station, where a friend picked her up.


jenn said...

I've heard of keeping organ's that have been removed, like tonsil's, on the mantel. But keeping a LEG? That's just gross!

Patti said...

Okay .. the first one is just plain EWWWW! And the second one is just plain stupid! Reckless and stupid!

Terri said...

The first story is disgusting and the second one is stupidity. Why are people so idiotic?
FYI - We adopted our daughter,4 years ago from China. Loved the trip. The Chinese were extremely friendly and welcoming!

Special K said...

EEEWwww! Just EEEwwww! I think the motorcyclist population in the metro Atlanta area is less than brilliant judging by this guy and the guy who passed me yesterday between two lanes of traffic (on the dotted lane lines) at 70 mph!

Krajcimama said...

Was it bones? That's a stupid question, right? I guess they gave him the choice of if he wanted to keep it or not...but hide it in a smoker? Then forget about it? Weird.

Suprina said...

Who on earth would want to keep there amputated limb like that. That just sends cold shivers down my back...ewww!

The motorcyclist was not also stupid but could have ended up killing him or himself driving like that. Glad he was arrested. Thankgoodness no one was hurt.

Cyndi said...

the first one ewwwww.

FRIGGA said...

Somehow I think my life would've ended up okay if I had never read that first story 8-) Why WHy WHY ON EARTH DO YOU KEEP THE LEG?!!?

FRIGGA said...

Oh wait, please please please don't answer that last question!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Frigga, Frigga, Frigga, you have to know this is coming.... after losing the limb in a plane crash, he kept it so that if he sued, he'd have a leg to stand on!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

To all who commented on the motorcyclist, there are so many times that I am sitting in traffic or driving along and see something that makes me wish I was a cop right at that moment. Of course the downside is when I would have to answer calls to go scrape what's left of these idiots off the pavement.

Sallie said...

Ok, I can believe the motorcycle one cause my honey did it once.. he tucked in behind some guys and just kept up.. they all got tickets too...LOL..