Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did you know...

Did you know there is a secret force policing the internet for unpopular content?

It appears there is, and that a member of this force is someone posting as "Mandy."

Mandy has been sending quite a few comments my way, starting back about a month ago when I wrote a post about crime and behavior that perpetuates stereotypes by fullfilling stereotypes.

This, in her mind, makes me a racist. I would perhaps, I stress perhaps agree with the description that I have some bigotted opinions, but that wouldn't even be accurate because I do not dislike any group based solely on their race, age, religion, sexual orientation or any other protected demographic label.

My greatest curiousity involves why Mandy expresses an opinion that it's wrong to hate anyone. It appears that having any dislike/hatred for another person makes me "sad" in Mandy's opinion.

Back in August I wrote in a stream-of-consciousness style, so I did not stay to a single direct point, but kind of hit on a number of related topics. Unfortunately, I responded to some comments on my blog in the same manner, which lead to more criticism from Mandy and an inflation of her opinion of herself and of my evil nature.

It's also very interesting to me that I've received (and rejected) a number of her comments in the past few days and that she is still very concerned with my writings, and that even though my post on responsibility addressed no specific demographic group, she continues to assail me as a "sad" person, a "hater," a "racist," and someone who should be monitored.

She's even gone as far as to warn me that there are many more people watching me than I might think. Just curious who these people might be and what their purpose and plan is.

If you'd like to see what any of this is about, you may visit "Mandy" at

At this site, Mandy's Moments are all about me. Perhaps the title should be Michael's Moments? Mandy has offered (several times) this week to repost my comments from August. She has saved files (should I be flattered?) of my old posts (some of which I chose to delete but she felt to save for posterity).
In a vigilante move, she even posted a picture of me on her blog (which she later removed).
Somehow a seven year old graphic image (which is MY property) made an impact in her desire to police the internet for content she disagrees with, and for her and her "others" to perhaps read, discuss, and get upset about.

I don't know Mandy's ultimate purpose. She has instigated a conflict with another blogger who I know, resulting in that blogger being added to Mandy's list of haters. She has now taken to posting on my wife's blog because I have been rejecting her comments here. I have wondered to myself if her purpose is to get me to respond to her, and if by writing this post I am feeding her ego. I have considered a sabatical from blogging, which would probably satisfy Mandy in that my voice would be silenced, but I think her true desire may be more noble, and the simple fact is that if I stop writing about my thoughts, feelings and opinions, there would not be a change in them, and as there are a total of three posts on her blog (all related to me), what would she have to write about if I did not write?


Bubba's Sis said...

This Mandy person is just plain scary. She has nothing better to do with her life than attack you? She almost sounds like a stalker. I'd be worried if I were you.

Special K said...

Hey Michael, it IS all about you!

amy said...

drama drama drama (totally unnecessary drama for the blogging world)

FRIGGA said...

I didn't realize she was still bugging you. She kept sending me emails after I told her I disagreed with her and then asked her to leave me alone. She wouldn't. I blocked her from sending me email.

Michael, there's too many wonderful things in life to allow this sort of thing any of your time and attention. My advice is to ignore her because she's just plain and simple wrong. And you can't stop people from lying anymore than you can stop simple minded people from believing lies told. :-0

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Frigga, she wasn't for the better part of a month, and then I wrote the post about being responsible for your choices and that somehow made me a racist again.

I'd like to know what in the responsibility post is racist, but Mandy has yet to explain that.

Sallie said...

uhm, she should get over herself.. maybe she can't come up with thoughts on her on and so needs yours?!

God bless,

amy said...

Why would you post this on your blog? Why would you post someones picture and other info on your own blog? Thats just as bad as what you are accusing other people of. I really am curious why you would tell others of their hatred and then go and put all this on your own blog..Sound like the same thing!

Michael, I am ready to read normal posts again. Please delete these (including my own) and go back to verifying posts!

Suprina said...

I am sorry this is happening to you and spilling over into Amy's blog.

To me it sounds like this 'person' doesn't have the brain cell to think on there own and come up with there own ideas.

You and Amy are the two sweetest souls I have 'meet' blogging. My husband used to be a EOR (Equal Oppurtunity rep) for his command in the Army. He took great pride in that position. He dealt with a lot of Hate Crimes and things of that nature.

He says that there is NOTHING racist on your blog and 'MANDY' is blowing a lot of 'hot' air.

You and Amy please be careful....Things like this scare me.

{{{{Big Hugs to you and AMy!}}}

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Mandy, what is so wrong about feeling hate? Have you never hated anything in your life? I hated math in school. I hate losing hands of poker to people who play poorly and get lucky. I hate people who expect the government to support them because they don't want to make the effort to support themselves. I do not hate any complete demographic group. There are individuals who I dislike and some who I hate. Hate is a natural emotion and it is unhealthy to contain it. So I guess it's not so bad to "reek."

Anonymous said...

Don't delete the string of comments, Michael.

Thi kinda discussion is therapudic for everyone involved.

Hate is a really strong word. I would resist just throwing it around. So is racism.

Perhaps we should all take deep breaths and step back for a moment.

Bubba's Sis said...

Still not understanding how the responsibility post is racist. I think people are too quick to cry racism. O.J. killed two people in cold blood - black or white, it was wrong. Michael Vick tortured dogs - no matter what color he is, it was wrong. Hanging nooses from a tree in Jena? Wrong. Six guys beating up one guy? Wrong.

(I guarantee if six white guys beat up one black guy this would be a totally different story!)

Bubba's Sis said...

Mandy, are you black?

amy said...

hmmmmm...I think the issues that have been brought up in these posts are very important and everyone has to be be careful in how they say things because sometimes people take them the total opposite than what you mean., I think the actual discussion about one persons opinions and past posts should end, but thats just my opinion. Like Steven said, hate and racism are very important topics and "hate" is a very strong word and it used too much. I try to use the terms "strongly dislike" items but I do use the word "hate" sometimes and I know I should not. Only because it comes across so harsh and people will perceive it differently than how you actually meant it. The way people perceive comments sometimes starts disagreements and arguments (im not saying this is what has happened here) and its frustrating.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Okay Mandy, it's time for me to jump back in and this time I get to say that you in fact are lying here.

You just said, "His responses back were even worse - and during those he let it be known of his belief of African Americans being inferior to others."

I never said that all "African Americans" (as you wrote it implying all African Americans) are inferior to others. I know for a fact that there are people from every part of the world who have superior talents and intellect to people from any other part of the world. The intent of my post in August was to talk about the fact that the choices people make in how they live their lives has a direct effect on their ability to succeed in life, as judged by standards of career-advancement, financial gain, and contribution to society as a whole.

And if you need to find something to swallow, try swallowing this. Cut out the hyphenated BS. I was born in the USA. My ancestors were English and Greek for the most part, but I am an American. My friend Antwone was born in the USA. His ancestors are from Africa, and he is an American. My daughter will be born in China, and as soon as we land on US soil, she will be an American.

Get off your high horse and follow your own lead about us all being human and the same. I don't judge people based on their skin tone, I judge them on how they act.

I'll put up another post here in a moment, and we'll see if you think it's author is a racist or a realist.

amy said...

Im the token white friend of many coworkers and they tell me that every night I work.

Im glad someone sent this to you Michael.

Mandy said...

A wise man said don't argue with fools. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

amy said...

Oh my gosh, enough already!