Sunday, September 16, 2007

So Close!

Yesterday Amy and I went to a sports bar to join the Atlanta UCF Alumni to watch the opening game in our on-campus stadium. UCF could have booked a weak team to ensure a win, or they could invite a big team and get national TV coverage and a paycheck in the process. We opted for the latter bringing in #6 ranked University of Texas.

I had poor expectations, but it was a wonderful day except for a 15 minute lightning delay and some rain showers, but this is Orlando in the late Summer.

We lead the game at 7-3, we were behind at the half at 20-10, we lead the game in the 4th quarter at 24-23, and I thought our fate was sealed when we fell behind 35-24 with less than 3 minutes left and having lost possession of the ball. We managed to get it back, score and get the 2 point conversion, for a final score of 35-32.

Very respectable for a game in which we were unranked, and we gave up an interception and two fumbles by our quarterback (running the ball). An upset would have been fantastic, but a loss by three when the betting line said lose by 20 is tremendous.

Go Knights!

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retrodaddy said...

Props to UCF for christening the new stadium with a powerhouse they really weren't expected to beat.

They gave a hell of an effort and judging by their road win at NCSU and close loss to UT, should figure to be a serious contender for the C-USA championship.