Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tired to the point of Dementia

I guess I was up too late last night (watching TV with Peter) and up too early this morning (had to go to work). I hae been in and out of sleep for the past three hours while trying to watch the Phillies and Braves on TV and the last few episodes of Heros Season 1 on DVD.

The end results are mixed.

In reality, the Braves were beating the Phillies 10-6 in the 9th inning when I last saw what was going on.

In Dementia, Chipper Jones just cut open Tom Gordon's head to read his brain and blast a homerun to right-center field.

Bobby Cox was getting so upset over the concessionaires running out of hotdogs that he was about to set off a nuclear explosion with himself.

Jimmy Rollins opened the game for the Phillies and literally flew around the bases, his feet never touching the ground, only touching the bags.

Chase Utley reinjured his hand (broken back in August) but healed himself and continued the game including making a great catch that Ryan Howard could not get to.

Skip Carey collected a variety of paintings of events in the game and some artifacts including a magical bat that channels the power of Dale Murphy. This bat was not controlled by any one player as many hit home runs tonight.

Bob Wickman appears from possible invisibility and stops Cox from exploding by offering him some nachos since he's been in Arizona the past month.

A Japanese guy appears and says save the ballgirl save the world. In fulfilling this prophecy the Mets lose and the Phillies stay in the race.


jenn said...

How funny! Imagine if that actaully happened and you were there to see it all...

Patti said...

Too funny! Now get some sleep! :)

Krajcimama said...

Sounds like you REALLY needed to get some sleep after this post! hahaha Funny how these blog posts come to you, though. :) I've had quite a few that I just had to get in before heading to bed or had to post first thing in the morning because I didn't want to forget what I wanted to say.

Hope you are more rested! :)

Suprina said...

LOL, I hope you got a good rest after this post...

My grandfather had Dementia....Some of the things he did were hillarious....but not hillarious to him.

FRIGGA said...

Okay, I admit: sports don't really interest me - do I still get credit for your wife's contest? :P

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Re: dementia.

I once had a button that read "Reality is the leading cause of stress."

and I seem to remember a song lyric as well, something like, "Reality used to be a friend of mine."

Sallie said...

We did that with Heros a few weeks ago... now we are doing it with season 4 of 24.. gotta catch up..LOL