Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Flashback #42 - Supermodels

Let's see, in three of these four videos, the artist has/had a relationship with the supermodel in the video, and all three are no longer couples.... as for the fourth video, well, he wouldn't be in THAT kind of relationship with a FEMALE model.... enjoy the tunes.

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl - Christie Brinkley

George Michael - Freedom 90 - EVERYBODY

Guns & Roses - November Rain - Stephanie Seymour

Rod Stewart - Infatuation - Rachael Hunter

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retrodaddy said...

While it's not considered one of his biggest hits by any stretch, I like Rod Stewart's song 'Infatuation' and the accompanying video.

I also like 'Freedom '90', as I like most of George Michael's solo stuff. Great concept to use only models in lieu of the singer in the video.

While I like G n' R and realize that Stephanie Seymour makes me tingle in my special area, the things I remember most about this video are that it's longer than your average State of the Union address, and that it was played on MTV seemingly every hour. Then again, what big MTV hit back then wasn't played ad nauseum?