Monday, July 17, 2006

An Interesting Question

After a dramatic conversation about personality and the impact it has on others, I had this thought last night. If I were to die tomorrow, other than family, who would bother or care to come to my funeral?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

High Power Sleep Depravation, Losing Trivia, & the Will of the Wife...

I could not sleep to save my life last night. I went to lay down at 11:00 and gave up around midnnight. I tried again, successfully, at 3:30am, so I am running today on about 2 and a half hours sleep. Oddly enough I had plenty of energy today att work, and it was another day to need it. It's all about the milkshakes. Yesterday (Tuesday) a full page ad ran in the Atlanta paper with a coupon for a free sandwich when you buy a milkshake. TV and radio ads began and I saw them on FOX during the MLB All-star game and heard them on Star94. Our maximum number sold was about 145. Yesterday we sold 253. Today I had to go to Kroger because we ran out of whipped cream. Personally I like to grab a can of whipped cream in each hand and say, "Okay! Bring on the college girls!" (if this seems inappropriate, read on, it's justified)

Amy and I wound up alone last night. Peter is out of town. Jeff had to work. Chris was asleep. My father bailed. No idea where Mike was. We actually could have placed 2nd or 3rd if we had bet conservatively on bonus questions because we did better than anyone on the final bonus, which was to identfy the artist that performed each of 11 James Bond movie themes. We got 5 correct and none wrong.

While I could not sleep I talked a bit with Amy. As a result, this morning I no longer have sideburnns. It would appear that they reminded her too much of the "sideburns lady" in the opening of The Wedding Siniger. I suppose nothing says "I love you" more than being told be your spouse that you remind them of a gross caricature of undesirable ugliness.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

Man, a rough day at work. It wasn't anything hard or troubling,just poor scheduling and then people deciding they did not want to work the schedules they had, which made things even tighter for us to serve guests well. My hallmark of the day was assembling 50 boxed lunches for a Habitat for Humanity build. A first for my experience, they were building townhomes. We had made 73 milkshakes by the time I left, a little after 2pm.

Making Something New - Call it Greco-Italian

I decided to try to emulate/duplicate/reinvent my sister-in-law's (Kelly) baked ziti. I am instead creating Michael's pasta bake. It's a combination of Ragu thick n chunky with mushrooms, with a pound of ground beef added, rigatoni (big ziti),fresh hot & spicy ittalian sausage, and a blend of ricotta and mozerella cheeses. All are cooked according to spec and then combined in layers in a casserole pan (brreaking in AMY'S casserole dish from the Williams/Sonoma outlet. She just came down and stuck her head in the oven (ruining any surprise) and said it smells good. We'll let you know.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

When you wish upon a star.......

So last night was the final night of TriviawithPatrick's (hosted by Patrick Davis) Hot Summer Thematic Nights, this week featuring all Disney trivia.

We (Amy and I) trekked to Alpharetta to play because it was not theld on Tuesday at our normal venue in Roswell and Amy loves Disney. We did well in many ways. We came in first place, but we forfeited our prize to the second place team and allowed 3rd and 4th to take prizes as well.

Amy did a bunch of research and it helped because the final category was Disney Chronology. The question was o put the followinig classic animated films in order of theatrical release. At three poinnts a piece a possible 21 could be scored. If you miss one, you automatically miss at least 2, limiting your max score to 9 as 2 wrongs (-6) plus 5 right (15) leaves you at 9. The films (not ordered) were Aristocats, Bambi, Cinderella, Dumbo, Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, and Sleeping Beauty.

Other questions....

What was the name of the annoying bird in Aladdin?

Which of the seven dwarves wore glasses (it's not Gimli)?

What film featured the Academy Award-winning song "You'll be in my Heart," written and performed by Phil Collins?

What is the name of the evil puppeteer in Pinnochio who wants to cut Pinnochio into a pile of wood chips?

What is thte name of the actor who played Herbie's owner in the original Herbie the Love Bug films?

What is the name of the ORIGINAL narrrator of Fantasia (it was re-recorded for remastered releases)?

In Toy Story 2, who tells Buzz Lightyear that he is his father?

What name did Lily Disney (Walt's wife) convince him NOT to call his c haracter that became Mickey Mouse?

and the big bad one... during negotiations witth Pixar in the early part of this decade, Michael Eisner created a new CG Animated studio that already had plans for park rides and movie sequels based on Pixar films that Disney already owned the rights to. What was the name of that company?

Who is the current president and CEO of Disney?

Name the ABC anchorman who was badly injured this past January in Iraq?

What is the name of the debate show on ESPN hosted by Kornheiser and Wilbon?

Monday, July 03, 2006

I needed to post here in order to upload a pic for my blog. Amy likes this one because we met online and this is the picture I had on my profile from the matchmaker site.

Amy thinks I am quoting some movie or something, but I made the random, and true statement that I would like to learn to fly a helicoptor. It's just a cool, specialized skill that someday in my life I would like to do.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Work was fun.

I spent my first 4 and a half hours yesterday in the kitchen making the food for people. That is, Gonzalo baked the biscuits, Angeles made burritos and chick-n-minis and cooked eggs for biscuits, and I assembled the biscuits and made plattrers and hashbrowns and such.

I was glad to do it on a Saturday, because we are much slower during breakfast than on a weekday, with the exception of 9:15-10:45 or so. The biggest issue is people ordering specialized sandwiches which we can't premake and keep on the hot chutes. I can premake chicken biscuits, sausage biscuits, butter biscuits, sausage-egg-cheese, and bacon-egg-cheese. The problems come when I want to make another 24 or so chicken biscuits to beef up my supply and I get 8 consecutive orders with things like chick-egg-cheese, sausage and cheese, bacon and egg, etc. SO by the time I make those, I have no regular chicken left and I haven't made my 24 I planned to. :)

The rest of the day I worked headset and cash management. I got home a bit after 4:30 to wake Amy and have dinner (Publix fried chicken).

Last night I went to see Mission Impossible III and I was pretty disappointed. It was so much a re-hash of everything we saw in the first movie, including plot lines and tricks. The worst thing I found was a scene with Cruise's character wanting to talk to his kidnapped wife to know she was alive. We've seen in every movie that they can use a microchip over the throat to copy a voice. Granted he asked a semi-private-knowledge question of her, but still..... shouldn't he know better?

We have family in town for the holiday. We hope to see Tim, Mery, and Basil today and or tomorrow.