Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Flashback #40 - Germans

Okay, I know Falco was from Austria, but it's pretty damned close to Germany and they speak German and he sang in German, so there! I thought of this theme after we had a trivia question this week about David Bowie and good old Major Tom.

Falco = Rock Me Amadeus

Nena- 99luft Balons

Peter Schilling - Major Tom


retrodaddy said...

R.I.P. Falco, a one-hit wonder (assuming you don't consider Vienna Calling or his version of Der Kommissar 'hits') who gave us one of the best hits of the 80's. The long version of the song, with the preamble timeline, is awesome.

Have you ever seen Falco's video for Der Kommissar? It's amazing what wavering back and forth in front of a automobile chroma key on a $35 production budget can for ya.

The other Friday tunes are great, too.

Special K said...

Awesome flashback! These are all faves!