Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday night 9:50pm. ADD has set in.

Got off work at 4pm, off the clock about 4:08 because was paying the bills. It's the last day of the month you see. However, Chris was there and got off at 4 as well, which meant time to exchange trivia questions. Can you name the 7 wonders of the modern world? Do you know who Regina Belle sang "A Whole New World" with?

out the door by 4:25 or so, traffic heading west and I start playing the CD 80's Hits Stripped. A lot of 80's bands performing their songs acoustically. I miss the 80's.

Dad calls and I miss the call, music too loud. He wants to confirm my schedule and Amy's schedule for Tuesday.

I call information (which I hate to do for the charges) and get the number for Chin Chin and order some food for dinner (take-out). Call Amy and tell her dinner is coming with me.

Eat dinner, watch some TV, parts of the news, Wayne's World II, I turn on my brother's DVD of Cirque de Soliel "La Nouba."

8:30 and I decide to take the dog for a walk, a long one tonight.

9:10 and I'm home. I drink some more iced tea. The dog plops on the couch. I decide to check email and post while watching "For Love of the Game" - a great movie in my book. Oh yeah, I watch John Cena's 5 questions video segment on It's funny, especially because he liks boobies.

Bed soon - up at 4:30 to guarantee out at 5:15 to be at work at 5:45am. For tomorrow, I'm making the biscuits!