Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #27

Thirteen Things about Michael

Thirteen Things I Stocked from the truck today at Walgreens.
1. Bottled Water - actually built a floor display.
2. Adult Diapers
3. Baby Diapers
4. Twizzlers Licorice Bites (Strawberry)
5. Light Bulbs (3-way)
6. Poster Frames
7. Arizona Iced Tea Pomegranate Green Tea Energy Drink
8. Right Guard Sport Sticks
9. Hand Sanitizer
10. Mops
11. Toilet Tissue
12. Trash Bags
13. Humidifiers

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amy said...

This is best list so far and Im not just saying this because I am your wife

Crux said...

'Sounds like you've been busy. Of course, you'll only get busier. mine is at

FRIGGA said...

That's quite an eclectic list. I'm kinda jealous of you now. When I was about 17 or so I applied to be a stock person for RiteAid (kinda like Walgreens) and they even had me come in to take a 3 hour honesty test.

A few days later they called me to say they filled the position - did I fail the honesty test? Because, honestly, after 3 hours I don't think I even remembered my own name.

Happy TT13 :-)