Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Three Days?

I looked at the old blog here a few minutes ago and noticed, "Hey! I haven't blogged in a few days..." so here I go, with a few topics on my mind.

My Jeep - I like my Jeep, a 1995 Grand Cherokee. It is 13 model years old now, and is approaching 180,000 miles. I am putting some money into keeping it around a few more years as it's a lot cheaper than trying to buy a replacement right now. I've had AC issues for about two years now, and I've endured the heat by driving with the windows down. About two weeks ago, the front passenger window was down and decided it did not want to go back up! So we trekked out to Lithonia (about 45 miles from Kennesaw) to Rogers'. (yes the apostrophe is in the right place, the garage belongs to a guy whose first name is Rogers) He has been our family mechanic for about 25 years now.
He has fixed the window issue (electrical), and done an oil change. He discovered a leak in the anti-freeze/coolant and the water pump is failing, so those are being addressed as more urgent, and he found two leaks in the AC system, so the total job to fix it all will be about $1500. I expect/need about 3 more years out of this vehicle.

My Knights - I blogged about UCF and the debut of the stadium on campus last weekend, the Brighthouse Networks Stadium. They bragged about the stadium because it was built on time (in less than a year and a half), it came in under budget, and it was built without any public funds. They didn't mention that it was also built WITHOUT ANY WATER FOUNTAINS!
It appears it is not required by the code, so they didn't plan for them. Minor problem here. This stadium is in Orlando, where it gets hot, and it was in the 90's on Saturday. They ran out of the $3 bottles of water they were overcharging for in the third quarter. 18 fans were transported to local hospitals with heat-related medical needs.
Yesterday I was writing an email to the Director of the Athletic Dept. and decided to hold on for a moment. This afternoon, according to http://www.orlandosentinel.com/, there will be water fountains installed IMMEDIATELY. They will have 10 installed by this week's game with Memphis, and 40 more after that. My pride is somewhat restored.

My Phillies - I posted a very celebratory comment about the Phillies winning their game at St. Louis last night. I expected the win, because in the 7th inning they were winning by about 8 runs. It turns out they were ahead by 11-0 at one point. They won the game 13-11 after letting the Cards get WAY TOO CLOSE. But the win came, and Ryan Howard had 2 home runs, and the Mets lost, and the Phillies are now just 2 and a half games behind the Mets in the NL East!

My Sleep - Not nearly enough of it. I got home last night after playing poker at Winston's (before which I took Amy to work because my car is in the garage). We expected that one of her coworkers would be able to give her a ride, but it did not turn out that way. As a result, Amy called this morning to wake me to come get her. I have been fighting to stay awake all day.

The Bug Man - yep, the every-three-month visit from the exterminator was today (part of why I could not sleep after we got home). He asked if we were saving our dead cicada (didn't know we had one). Anyways, his stuff works and we are without bugs, yeah!

Oh yeah, and back to the Jeep - do you guys name your vehicles? I never have. Any ideas for mine? (It's a burgundy SUV). Amy used to call her gold Honda Accord "Ginger," but does not do so much anymore.

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