Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thirteen Things about Michael

There's some cheese here, but 13 favorite movie musicals.......

1. Moulin Rouge - who-da-thunk-it that Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman could sing?
2. The Pirate Movie - a spoof on the Pirates of Penzance done in 1982 in Australia with Kristy MacNichol and Christopher Atkins - some funny stuff and cheesy songs.
3. Grease - Yeah well, every 13 year-old girl in the world can't be wrong.
4. Guys & Dolls - a favorite since I was introduced to it while student-teaching in 1994, and the movie stars Sinatra and Brando BOTH singing.
5. Xanadu - considered by some to be the worst movie musical of all time, it is actually proving a success on Broadway currently.
6. Grease 2 - different from the first, but it had Michelle Pfeifer and the lead male was named Michael and he got her in the end.
7. Rent - loved the stage play, and thought the movie was done very well, especially considering Chris Columbus of Home Alone fame directed it.
8. State Fair - saw the stage production on tour with a friend in Orlando and went after the movie next. You have to love some of the classics.
9. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown - okay, the movie was animated, but it has been done as a stage play as well, including by ME in the lead role.
10. Jesus Christ Superstar - the movie is dated, but I still love the music.
11. Hair - the stage production (though edited because it was in Kissimmee, FL) was great, and the movie is not that bad, better than Godspell.
12. Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds, Dom Delouise. Do I need to say anything more? Well, the UCF Theatre department put on a good production as well.
13. The Blues Brothers - while not following a traditional musical format, it is packed with talent and has some great songs.

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Malcolm: said...

Grease and The Blues Brothers are two of my favorites. Part of the fun of The Blues Brothers was not only the legendary singers who appeared (James Brown, Aretha, Ray Charles, etc.), but also the non-music cameos like Steven Spielberg and John Candy.

Nicholas said...

I'm with you on #13

Lori said...

Great not really in to musical's but they sound fun:)

damozel said...

I loved Hair and Superstar...though the only other musicals I really like are ones from the Sixties and Seventies (Camelot, Man of La Mancha, My Fair Lady) and "South Pacific."

I can't leave a link because you don't have your comments enabled for platforms other than Blogger...but we're at #9 on "the list," Buck Naked Politics.

Judy Callarman said...

A good list--I have to add Camelot and The Sound of Music!

Melanie said...

I LOVE your list this week! Grease is my all time favorite. I wore that record out I played it so much. My hubby even knows all the songs now since he has watched it so much! LOL Happy T13!

Sparky Duck said...

I can not decide which was worse, Xanadu or Grease 2. Major suckage. But the Blues Brothers makes up for all of it

erin said...

Yeah for Grease! I think the worst movie musical is Brigadoon. Have you ever seen it? Happy TT! Mine's just random facts about me.

Cindy Swanson said...

I'm glad someone else appreciates "Moulin Rouge"! I know, it's completely over the top, but I love it...and I think Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman did a great job singing.

FRIGGA said...

Michael, Michael... Why have you NOT commented on my Great Movie Post yet??? (It's up at )
In fact, my very first comment on that post was from your wife, who said: "I cant wait for my hubby to find this post."

Please give me your great suggestions!!! :-)

Oh yea, happy TT13! ;-)

Southern Girl said...

I love movie musicals! Of that list Grease is probably my favorite. :)

Happy TT! Mine is up, too:

Irishcoda said...

Love Grease and the Blues Brothers! My list also would have included West Side Story & The Sound of Music. Happy TT!