Thursday, August 02, 2007

Friday Flashback #36 - Roxette

Welcome to the Friday Flashback. Coming from somewhere in Scandinavia, Sweden I think, we had Roxette. They were cool. The girl was hot even with the short hair, or maybe because of it? But what about the poor guy? Was he just there to write the songs and play the guitar? However it evolved, they had a good run of 2 or 3 albums and then kinda disappeared, not without first leaving us the love song from Pretty Woman, and a song to be remade by a club dance group some 15 years later.... enjoy.


The Look

It Must Have Been Love

Listen To Your Heart

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tiggerprr said...

I loved Roxette! :) Always make me think of that scene in Pretty Woman where she's riding the limo back to her place near the end... ::sighs::