Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Joyful Welcome!

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I introduce to you....


In the past week there has been a new voice posting comments on Valtool's Box, he is retrodaddy as far as his comments, but he is much, much, more.

retrodaddy aka MacTool aka Mike McNamara

MacTool is one of my longest friends and one of my best friends, in fact we go back about 11 or so years now.

Having met through an online fan forum for a once popular 80's singer, we met in person at a fan convention near NYC back in '96.

As Mike was at the University of Florida (on the 11 year plan) and I was at the University of Central Florida, we got together for road trips to Tallahassee for concerts, football, and to try to meet girls.

We enjoyed beers and buffalo wings, meals at the Ale House in G'ville and eventually he was a groomsman when I married Amy.

After we moved to Atlanta, he graduated and relocated to the metro-Atlanta area as well.

We've done the Peachtree Road Race and 4th of July BBQ's, we've played trivia (and won thanks to his 70's music expertise).

and I suppose I must explain how the name MacTool came to be. Along with Pennsylvania WNBA fanatic Rob Polinsky (aka PoTool), we formed the Tool Party, a political faction offering an alternative to the groups that pass for leadership here in the USA. Our platform was built upon the need to enjoy social times with excellent 80's music, excellent sports, and excellent food and drink, all without imposing on other people's feelings, rights, and general well-being.
I was the party social coordinator and public relations specialist, but I can't for the life of me remember whether Mike or Rob was our Presidential candidate and the other was the running mate.

So anyways, welcome Mike to our blogosphere. He ought to show up at Amy's blog as well. Jeff Rushing has met him and can vouch for his coolness, and ladies, if you are in your low-mid 30's, single, and have short brown hair, let me know so I can let Mike know.


FRIGGA said...

Are you pimping out your best friend? ;-)

And shucks, I guess I didn't make the age cut off - and my hair's too long :-0

retrodaddy said...

Thanks for the flattering introduction.

You did a good job of explaining our relationship. One other tidbit others may find interesting (or not - I just feel like adding something, no matter how minute or boring) is that we both lived in Lansdale, PA at the same time in the mid-80's, but never met each other till years later and were both trolling the internet in Florida.

And Poman's the Veep.

Poman said...

Our '08 ticket is Disco Stu's Turntable / Leapin' Lions

Vote For Change!

V/P Potool