Monday, August 06, 2007

Ten on Tuesday #6

This week's list is 10 Things I will NEVER do again....

1. I will NEVER have again have intimate affairs with anyone other than Amy Christopher.
2. I will NEVER work another day for any of the following companies, Chick-fil-a, Marriott Hotels, Pharmaceutical Recovery Services Inc., or USA Today.
3. I will NEVER again attend an arena football game.
4. I will NEVER again watch a VHS videotape.
5. I will NEVER again program a computer in BASIC or PASCAL, or any other language for that matter as those are the only two I ever knew.
6. I will NEVER again be part of a sports team other than men's slowpitch softball.
7. I will NEVER again drink as much as I did on my brother's 39th birthday (look at last Saturday's post for details).
8. I will NEVER again put money into an online poker site.
9. I will NEVER again see Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Broadway (because it closed last week on Sunday, but it is still touring!).
10. I will NEVER again vote Democrat. (only ever did it once in 1992).


gab said...

thats a lot of nevers. Hope you can stick to them all

Irishcoda said...

great list, especially #1

Laurie said...

Only thing about always and never statements is that it ALWAYS seems to come back around sometime! :-)

Seriously - enjoyed your list!


Bubba's Sis said...

I would love to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway!

Good list - this week was tough, because you gotta be careful about your "never agains"!

Sparky Duck said...

You know you can never say never.

2.Companies get bought way too often to think that it may not come around again

3.What if you won a radio contest that guaranteed you 10K to go to the game?

7.I have said that a dozen times already

9.Beauty and the Beast may have a revival

10.once, way way back, the republican party was the democratic party, it may switch again someday.