Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Sunday

I'll add more details and thoughts later as I am working on preparing dinner right now (yes, another Michael night of cooking ladies and gents).

As Amy mentioned on her blog, we went to church this morning and had a wonderful experience with a great final message as we finished the book of Ecclesiastes and had a lunch/new member orientation class after the service. We will be joining this church, North Metro Church, later in the Fall.

We got out of the meeting in time for me to bring Amy home to rest and I could still go out to play cards. I did not last long in the primary tournament, but I won the consolation tourney and a $10 gift certificate to Winston's as a result.

After watching the end fo the NASCAR race (Jeff Gordon spun himself out with 3 laps left when he'd had the lead), I went to Publix and bought ingredients for two meals. Tonight I am making crabmeat-stuffed tilapia with broiled scallops, rice and a veggie.

Tomorrow we are on our own for dinner as Amy has to work and I'll be working too late to join her for dinner, but Tuesday I'll be making my ziti with italian sausage, yummy.


CJ and Donna said...

You cook?! I may have you talk to CJ about that as he never does. Amy is one lucky gal ;)

FRIGGA said...

What kind of tournament was it? Poker? That's awesome that you cook Amy dinner (especially since it sounds way better than mac & cheese!)