Monday, August 13, 2007

A Daily Recap

1. Went to work from 8-4 and found out that Wednesday we should be heading to my store to start the setup there.

2. Went to BestBuy and got a new car stereo. Not only were the speakers gone, but the CDd deck as well. They had a sale on Kenwood with the speakers half off the already sale price if you bought a deck there the same day. This one is kinda cool because it has a front plug for MP3/Ipods and it has a remote (not that I can't reach it from the front seat anyway.

3. Went to play cards and lost early, but I had a good time and saw people I know and enjoyed playing and chatting. When I was done I sat at the bar with Gary to talk to Matt and I got heckled for using the word "dude."

1 comment:

FRIGGA said...

Dude, who would do such a thing? Oh wait, that's right, you're in Georgia! :P