Saturday, August 25, 2007

Poker and Groceries...

So last night I went to Winston's as usual and enjoyed a good game. Fridays are the busiest day there, with 70-80 players. I placed 6th reaching the final table and going out with two pair when the chip leader caught an ace on the river to take a higher two pair.

I got home late and knew I was going to enjoy my rest. I slept from about 1:30am to 10:15am this morning. When I got up, I took some time to watch the news and check email and I went out to play the afternoon game today. Today I was doing well, but lost to a fifth card suck-out again. I deceided to stay and play the consolation game, and I wound up winning, so I received a $10 gift certificate to Winston's and a place in an invitational champion's tournament.

The talk around the tables today was last night's lunacy which involved a pair of college-aged brothers who came to play. The weirdness came in with them as they were dressed almost exactly alike (and were not twins). Both wore jeans with identical pink shirts, with the sleeves folded up (long sleeves) and ironed to make set creases. It was kinda weird. They dranka lot and one of them wouund up losing. The other one (the one that would not shut up all night) wound up next to me at one of the last two tables.

He had started annoying most of us, and in one hand he made a bet, another player raised to "all-in" and a third player was considering his move. The loud kid started jabbering on about the time player 3 was taking and player 2 cmae to his defense. This escalated to loud guy and player two almost getting up to go outside and fight. Loud guy's brother came over and took their keys off the table and went outside. When the brother returned, someone saw him holding a gun in his pocket, so the police were called. Things settled at the table, the loud guy lost the hand and then moved to the other table where he lost the last of his chips within a few minutes and they both left before the police arrived, but we hear they caught up with them down the road.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

So after poker today I went to Publix to do some shopping for the next few days. Amy is working, so I will plan things out. The next few nights should include, lamb with orzo (a Greek pasta), spaghetti, and chicken with cheesy pasta. That will get us to Wednesday and trivia night. Thursday may be a roast. I made one this past Monday, and then the meat went on sale on Thursday, so I got another one and put it in the freezer. By this time it'll be about Friday, so we'll make another grocery trip by then.

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retrodaddy said...

I just wanted to mention for the 1,387,093th time that Publix is the king of supermarkets.