Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Happy Night in Philly

Well, my night was in Atlanta, and it included an unplanned nap while watching Pirates of the Carib. 2 : Dead Man's Chest. When I awoke I rewound and continued while checking news online.

The Phillies managed to beat the Mets for the second consecutive night thanks to a walk-off home run by Ryan Howard (his 35th HR of the year) in the 10th inning. Shane Victorino and Chase Utley are back in the line-up which are two more good things as they try their darndest to make the playoffs this year.

At last check the Braves were trying hard to lose to Florida as they were tied in extra innings and well, props to Cyndi because her Yankees put the hurting on the now 7 games in the lead Red Sox.

And for Amanda (who has started her own blog as an archive of mine, she must be really bored), Ryan Howard is black and I do not hate him.


Bubba's Sis said...

Michael Vick could be green and I'd still hate him.

Cyndi said...

hahaha i agree with bubbas sis i wish they would quit trying to make that racial it's a human having a soul thing.
and thank you we hope to put a similar beatdown on the evil red sox again tonight. :)