Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Four Kinds of Mornings

It's my assertion today that there are four kinds of mornings.

1. The alarm goes off and you want another 10 minutes to sleep (and another, and another).
2. You wake up 10 minutes before your alarm and you're perfectly fine with that.
3. You don't have the alarm set and you don't care.
4. You don't have the alarm set and you are now in big trouble!

Today for me is a #2. It's a good follow-up to yesterday when I woke up on time, was at work early, had a pretty productive day at work, got a haircut after work, got home and did the dishes, changed the kitty litter, cleaned part of the garage, took the trash down to the curb, called the mortgage company, and prepared dinner (reheated the roast and veggies I made yesterday), and oh yes, the Phillies won last night!


Travis said...

Thanks for cruising by my place! And for creating the meme...I enjoyed it.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I'm usually #1, I hate getting up in the morning!