Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Casting Crowns - Does anybody hear her ?

I've posted this video before, but it is so significant, I have to do it again, and in time I will repeat it again. Casting Crowns is as bluntly truthful as any band I have ever heard, and the video illustration speaks volumes about the problem of so many "church people."


Book and Hook said...

Loved this video.
Thank you.

the night owl said...

Good Morning Michael,I am sitting here this morning and have enjoyed this video.Thanks for sharing it with us.Congratulations on your new church.I have been reading Amy's blog and will check in with you again.Have a good day. Baba

Sparky Duck said...

Love the words and the music, singer a bit too country for me, but the song is good.

I don't totally get the video, but somehow I don't think im supposed to

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

They are an Atlanta-based band who in the past 5 years have been among the best-selling in the contemporary Christian pop/rock genre.

I don't know where Mark is from originally, but he is definitely a southern boy.

As for the meaning of the video, I always thought it was kinda obvious, that there are too many people in churches who enjoy their comfort and status but shun or ignore those we are called to embrace.

The blond who goes clubbing feels remorse and wants to be included when she sees people her age going to the church, but she is made to feel ashamed by the passing mother and those in the group of young adults pay no attention to her.

Obviously someone in the group leaves the evangelism tract on their table when being served by the very same girl who had watched them, but they took no effort to even talk to her. The common response to tracts is they are glanced at and tossed or never looked at and tossed, which the waitress/party girl did.

When the church girl came back in for her purse, only THEN did she talk to the waitress when she saw her crying. At the same time, a young man who could be in need walks by and looks at the church group enjoying their comraderie.

Jose said...

What a nice message. Got goosebumps while listening to it. Thanks