Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Feast #18

Appetizer - Describe your laundry routine. Do you have a certain day when you do it all, or do you just wash whatever you need for the next day?
When I did my own laundry I would just do it as needed, so maybe once a week. Now I am married and Amy does about 95% of the laundry and she does it almost daily. (p.s. I do a lot of cooking).

Soup - In your opinion, what age will you be when you’ll consider yourself to truly be old?
I don't know about truly old, maybe 60, but I get pangs of oldness now as I hire and train people who were not alive when I graduated from high school.

Salad - What is one of your goals? Is it short-term, long-term, or both?
To be debt free, long-term, short-term, and always, and it's a tough one. I actually downgraded our cable TV service yesterday as part of this plan and the lawn guy is next to go.

Main Course - Name something unbelievable you’ve seen or read lately.
Yesterday I read that something like 500 people died in Iraq in a single day (Iraqi people) due to a series of bomb attacks.

Dessert - On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how happy are you today?
7. I am enjoying working and actually having a job, but it is a lot of physical work right now and will be for another 2 weeks or so, and it's wearing me down a bit. Add to this some stresses at home, can't go above a 7.


amy said...

Interesting answers. You are doing a great job with the cooking and attempting to get debt free. we have a ways to go but we can do it! Hope the physical part of your job is over soon!

annie said...

Great feast, Happy Friday!
My Life as Annie!

Lady of Musotopia said...

Yeah - that figure in your main course is really scary and very sad.
All the best with budgeting and reducing your debt. It's a challenge but I'm sure you and Amy will have the determination to get through it :)
Hope everything goes well with your job. Try not to stress :)
Have a good weekend!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great feast Michael! I love that you guys trade off chores, laundry and cooking and such. And good for you for working down your debt, it's not easy, so good job!

Have a great day and weekend :)

tegdirb92 said...

I agree with your main course--unbelievable. Hope you reach higher happiness soon :)

Lori said...

Great feast....your salad sounds awesome. I need to have some of that too. I spend way too much on cable. Happy FF.

FRIGGA said...

Old is always about 20 years older than me ~ and I feel you on the debt, I haven't had any cable for a year now :-)