Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Fun Saturday

I woke up just as Amy got home this morning and promptly scared the bejeebers out of her when I came downstairs and she did not hear me come into the kitchen. I take great pleasure in those moments, though Amy hates them.

I crashed on the couch for another hour and a half or so, allowing Lucy to be out all morning and at 1pm I left to go play poker at Winston's. The Saturday game is very casual, seating about 30 players, and I placed 4th today so I did not win anything except a beer, and that was not related to my placement. I won the beer because I had a STRAIGHT FLUSH. This is about the highest-ranked hand you can achieve.

I was on the big blind, meaning I was forced to put chips in play regardless of my feelings for my cards. I was dealt the 5 and 6 of spades and no one raised the bet, so I was able to see the flop for free. The flop was all spades, so I had a flush made with the Ace , 4, and 7 of spades. I was in a bad spot as anyone with a single high spade could make a better flush, so I checked, and one player bet 3000 chips, I raised to 6000 and he called my bet. The turn brought the 3 of spades, giving me a strgith flush, the 3,4,5,6,7 of spades. I checked my hand and so did Ronnie. He had an ace in his hand, so he had the top pair, but feared a flush, so he checked too. The river card was inconcequential, so he checked and I bet my remaining 7000 chips and Ronnie folded. For proof of my awesome hand, I showed my cards and revelled in my accomplishment.

I ordered Chinese for dinner fo us as I was unsure when I would finish cards. As it is, I went out in 4th at about 5pm, so I filled my Jeep with gas and bought some soda and made it home in time to see Amy for about 20 minutes before she had to go to work.

After eating, I took Lucy out to Petsmart to buy some catfood and kitty litter, and we hit the Chick-fil-a for a gallon of tea. She enjoyed the outing but she was seriously hot and panting as today was our fourth consecutive day of 100 degree or higher heat in Atlanta. Now I'm home and Lucy is resting on the couch as I am settling in to watch the Phillies/Braves game, in which the Phils are down 3-0 in the 2nd, though I have faith as they were down 4-0 in the first yesterday and they still won.

Update 7:54pm - Phillies moron LF Pat Burrell made 2 rotton plays allowing 2 Braves triples and a 4-0 score at the midpoint of the 3rd inning. However, Jimmy Rollins led off the 3rd with a solo home run. Burrell was booed while in the outfield and missing those plays, and he got booed again as he came to bat in the 3rd. However, he just hit a double to start redeeming himself.

Update 8:33 - Bottom of the 5th, Phillies are down 6-1 now. No outs we get men on 1st and 2nd and a "catcher's balk" happens. The ball hit the ground in FRONT of the catcher, bounced up under his chin and fell down between his chest protector and his chest. The ruling, both runners advance one base. A walk ensues, loading the bases, followed by a 2-run double, and Pat Burrell is up again. He just hit a nice single, scoring one run, so it's men on 1st and 3rd with no out, the score is now 6-4 and the Braves are changing pitchers!

Update 9:57pm - I don't know which it is, but God either likes the Phillies, hates the Braves, or loves torturing Phillies fans. 9th Inning, Braves are up and the Phillies bring in some guy named Durbin (2000 HS player of the year in Arizona! woohoo) to pitch. He walks the first three batters to load the bases and there is no one in the bullpen! Fortunately a double play happens next, second baseman fields a grounder, throws out the runner at home and the catcher throws out the batter at first. A hard grounder to second is recovered to put out the next batter (Texeira). And we're into the bottom of the 9th, and the Braves tub-o-lard Wickman is pitching. Phillies open with a double, and a flyout, but Jimmy Rollins is up now....
Jimmy hits a hopper to short and is thrown out despite his speed, last out but the tying run is at the plate in the form of Tadahito Iguchi who is filling in for the injured Chase Utley at 2nd base. Igucji grounds out to SS and we have a 1-1 series with the rubber game for the Braves/Phillies tomorrow at 8:05 on ESPN.

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