Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trivia Tuesday

We had a good time last night, until we had to deal with cheaters. I always wonder why it is people feel the need to cheat at bar trivia. In last night's case the winning team (we came in 2nd) are neighbors of another team whose kids know each other very well. Both families come and sit separately, but a teen from one team (the one that won) travels the room asking other teams for help. Eventually kids from team B (the neighbors who did not win) sat at another table with a third team and shared answers with them and their roaming friend. We tried to handle things without going to the DJ, and got a smarmy response from the mom of one of them who asked us "why are you intimidated by a 13 year-old?"

It's not about intimidation. It's about raising your child to respect rules in society and especially in a situation where cash (house gift certificates) and points towards a tournament with actual cash prizes are involved.

That said - the final bonus last night - category Hockey.

Name the five teams in the NHL with the MOST Stanley Cup Championships. We got 3 right and 2 wrong, so we got points for one right. The funny thing is I got the 3,4,5 teams but didn't know the #1 and #2. I just started watching hockey about 4 months ago, so I'm still learning things.

No trivia tonight as I am taking my Amy to her first ever baseball game at Turner Field, where my Phillies will try to win the rubber match of a three game series here in Atlanta.


KarenW said...

I don't understand cheating to win. Your heart would know you really didn't win and then you couldn't enjoy the prize or the "glory" of winning. At least that is how I would feel.

Have fun at the game!

homemom3 said...

Oh I hate cheaters. Ya gotta let us knwo how she liked the game.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I can't believe that mom could condone her child being involved in cheating or gleaning answers at any level from others. Gosh, what is she teaching her kid?

Glad you guys had fun though, and hope you have a blast at the BRAVES game. Sorry, had to throw that in :)