Wednesday, May 02, 2007


As I was driving to the bank this morning, I was listening to Neal Boortz and he was discussing advice to give high school and college graduates as it is graduation season now that we're in May. The caller he was speaking with started it off, but I forgot his quote. I do remember these, and I would like to hear yours...

Boortz' Producer - Royal Marshall said, "Own land" which he later clarified as, even if it's a crappy house, find a house rather than pay for rent on an apartment. It is financially wiser to own something and earn equity rather than pay someone else's mortgage.

Boortz' Screener - Belinda Skelton said, "Know that no job is beneath you."

and a caller said, "No one will be a bigger advocate for you than yourself. No one should have a greater desire to see you succeed and help you succeed than yourself."

Any others?

Neal said he had a bit himself, but I was not in the car long enough to hear him reveal it. He did repeat his warning to parents as it is prom season saying, "If you have a teenage daughter that smokes, know this. When she comes home from prom and takes off her dress, it will not be the first time she has taken it off that night."

This is a little crude, but you have to admit it's got merit.

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Stacie said...

Wear sunscreen.