Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ridiculous Waste of Effort in the name of Publicity

This morning during the news I heard a story about Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. It appears Jesse is coming to Atlanta to lead a protest against the Atlanta Braves because they have "one" black player on the team.

The purpose of a professional baseball team is to win games which leads to winning championships and making money for the owners.

The teams hire players based on their skill, their team salary caps, and who is available (as in not under contract to other teams).

Based on this, the teams can have a roster of 25 (I think) players on the team during the regular season. So with a new unflux of Asian players and a continuously strong presence of Latino players, and a remainder of Caucasian players, there is not a lot of room for worrying about the mix of racial backgrounds.

Go back to my first statement. The purpose of a professional baseball team (or any professional sports team) is to assemble the best possible group of players in order to win games, win championships, and make money for the owners.

Reverend Jesse Jackson is only looking for publicity in coming to Atlanta to protest the demographics of the Atlanta Braves. He needs to go home and figure out something better to do with his celebrity status.


Monkey and banana said...

he should go home to france. they are currently burning the cars over there, in protest to having the socialist candidate lose the presidential election. this is sort of the same thing. if i am not good enough to get a job, i'll demand, protest and break things and you'll hire me anyways. why is he a celebrity anyways?

JAM said...

Jesse Jackson is a poverty pimp, he makes his living off the backs of the people he steps on. Plus, with Al Sharpton on the ropes for his openly stated bigotry regarding Mitt Romney's being Mormon, Jesse's trying to step up his game. He's not in the spotlight and it kills him.