Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fire Apparatus Show

Today was the Roswell Fire Department Apparatus Muster and Show. In addition to Roswell's equipment, items were shown from Fulton County, Forsyth County, Cobb County Police, Roswell POlice, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and the City of Milton (newly incorporated, in fact their police department just started working this week).

Kids stuff included this climbing wall, pony rides and games.
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta sent their Pediatric Neonatal and Critical Transport Truck. We like Children's because Amy works there. They planned to bring their helicoptor to, but severe overcast skies grounded them.

Our local Army National Guard recruiters were out with one of the NASCAR race cars.

Members of different departments and stations competed in drills for the best time to deploy, set, and engage hoses knocking down caution pylons to finish their time.

The newest piece (with a neat horse logo on the door) is from the City of Milton, GA.

My boss, Jim Waddle, with Sgt. Anastasia and Sgt.Bennett of the Roswell Police. They offered to throw him on the car and cuff him for a shot, but Jim declined.

Roswell recruits young officers, but this is a bit much.

Cobb County brought their bomb squad unit. They had a blast.

Simply marked with Glendale FD, this appeared to be a retired vehicle.

Several ladder trucks fully-extended across the sky.

With many ponds and the Chattahoochee River nearby, Roswell has a fully-trained dive team.

Not a large trunk, but plenty of interior storage!

Give me air that I might breathe, give me light that I might see. One truck to provide both.


Eye of the Rainbow said...

Those are really great pictures, thank you for sharing them.

Sparky Duck said...

Great pics, except for Casey Mears car, yick