Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A funny truth

This morning I was listening to part of the Neal Boortz show ( when I heard the following exchange between the host, Neal Boortz, the producer Royal Marshall, and call screener Belinda.

Neal : I have a trivia question for you. Well, it's really more a question for you to use your best judgment to answer. Paris Hilton has been sentenced to spend time in jail.

Belinda : Do we know exactly what for?

Neal : It essentially boils down to probation violation. She was caught driving numerous times on a suspended license and feels she is above the law because she is Paris Hilton.

Neal : So anyway, in recent weeks, when she has been photgraphed by paparazzi, she has been carrying a particular book and holds it up for all of the photographers to capture in the pictures. What book is she carrying around and showing?

Royal: The Bible?

Neal : Absolutely correct, Royal.

Royal ; I'm surprised it isn't burst into flames while in her hand!


Bubba's Sis said...

I can't stand Paris Hilton. What in the world does holding up a Bible prove?

Steven M. Russell said...

Just a thought...

Perhaps we shouldn't judge. There are many Christians (me included) that haven't been reading it as much as Paris might have been lately.