Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cat Food - Whose food is most popular?

So we got home from our extended weekend to Florida and were lovingly mobbed by Samson and Delilah. Peter said he thought they had missed us over the weekend. The distinctive thing was they came into the kitchen and the family room which they never do even when Lucy is away because they think she may be here somewhere. We figured the meowing was about wanting attention and a treat (milk).

When I later went upstairs I found they had cleaned out their perpetual feeder. There was no risk of starvation or mistreatment because there was plenty of food there when we left, and Peter was home, and they know where Peter's cat Bagheera's feeder is. I think it's more a matter of who is eating whose food.

We have caught Bagheera eating from our cats' feeder. He is a pig of a cat. I have seen the kitten eating from our feeder. Peter bought kitten food for Pixel and we have seen him eating it and tonight when I refilled ours for Samson, Pixel was there to eat it too. I took Pixel to his own food and he seemed uninterested. Bagheera however seems to love the kitten chow, so here's the deal.

Pixel will eat his kitten food but likes Samson and Delilah's better.

Samson and Delilah eat their own food, and in a pinch will eat Bagheera's.

Bagheera will eat anything (even with his own food full he'll devour the kitten chow and/or come eat Samson and Delilah's).

Why can't they all just eat what they are supposed to?!?!!?


Jessica Morris said...

Ahhh ... I lost my long comment ... how did it disappear??? Anyways ... I basically said that it made me laugh to see that you have pets named Samson and Delilah! We use to have a cat named Samson and when we had to give him away the farmer who took him had a dog named Delilah!

Lynne said...

We have a problem with our dog Maggie wanting to eat Teddy's food (Teddy is our other dog). We wound up having Teddy eat in the bedroom with the door closed so that Maggie can't get to the food. Maggie intimidates Teddy and Teddy will walk away from the dish and let Maggie have the food.

K 3 said...

Two answers to your question --
Grass seems greener on the other side of the fence .... &
Kids and pets always do the opposite of what we ask them to do!


Brandy said...

Cuz they're cats ... cats are stubborn that way. I know ... my mom LOVES cats. lol

KarenW said...

Sounds like kids!

Cassie said...

Yeah, we have this issue in the house and I agree with karenw, it's like the pecking order of kids, lol! Everybody wants what everyone else has. The dog eats anything and everything, including kitty litter nuggets, blech! Kosmo is like Bagheera, will eat any and all types of cat food and Mouse is pretty much the same. Amber is on a special diet to lose weight but she's losing more lbs from Kozzie & Mousie eating her food thanfrom the formula itself! And fortunately, since Indigo allows *no four legged creature* into Heidi's room, she's been able to eat her own stuff!

Sparky Duck said...

and this is why the cats don't have seperate bowls. Share or starve!

Celeste said...

Because they can!