Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Flashback - 80's TV

Here are the introductions to three shows my brother and I loved to watch back in the 80's. Perhaps it will bring back some memories.


Jose said...

Yeah, I used to watch Airwolf and the A-Team but not the Star Balzers. I did however used to watch Speedracer.

How about Knight Rider, Chips?

Amy said...

Sorry to say I have never seen any of them! Sigh.

Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said...

Loved Airwolf, A team and Knight rider

Have seen Chips not Speedracer.

My daughter has just enjoyed watching the Gummie Bears and Thundercats series

booklogged said...

Didn't watch any of those, probably because I was so busy raising my family during the 80's. It's fun to reminisce tho, isn't it.

Cyndi said...

I always love the friday flashback.:)

Sanni said...

Aaaaaaah, yeah!
"If you ever have a problem and no one else can help - maybe you can hire the A-Team!"

I really need B.A Barracus´ phone number. Anybody out there who can help me? ;)

Thanks so much for bringing back those memories, Michael!