Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen Things about Michael

13 Names My wife and I are considering for our baby (adopting from China).















P.S. visit our adoption blog at

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Celeste said...

Mary Catherine

Karen said...

Both times I was pregnant with girls, I miscarried. The name we had picked out was going to be Lauren, with a middle name of Ashley, Elizabeth, Nicole, or Michelle.

Anna Mary said...

I like Rachel. And Ava, Ella, Emma...but I digressed.

Cute list! (Go Golden Knights!)

Remember May is National Military Appreciation Month!

Bubba's Sis said...

I like Hope.

TeaMouse said...

I love the choices Katina and Hope! Have fun narrowing it down, that is always a lot of fun!

Sparky Duck said...

im partial to Katina, Hope and Elizabeth.

and your link at Thursday Thirteen hub has a misprint

Laura said...

Hey - I visit Amy's Random Thoughts all the time, and finally I made my way to your place. My vote--for obvious reasons!--is for Laura. It's such a classic. :)

Amy said...

I still think she needs to be a combination of both your names. I like Michelle. I know it is not on your list, but... Do you mind telling me what both your and Amy's middle name is?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Amy's middle name is Suzanne.
My middle name is Joseph.

jenny® said...

those are great names! i will pick Maren simply because it's not common...even Rebecca is a pretty name =) you must be thrilled to have the baby girl!

Jen said...

I'm partial to Catherine, that's my Maya's middle name.

Congratulations on your adoption!

My T-13 are up:

Lynne said...

I like the idea of using "normal" classic names. I'm partial to Margaret or Maggie - that's our dog's name! Her full name is Mary Margaret Maggie May - only when she's bad.

Chelle said...

My son is adopted! He is the best gift ever! Prayers to you as you adopt your daughter! My sister and BIL want to adopt a little girl from China. My dad works in China now, and says the little girls are precious!

Qtpies7 said...

I like Rebekah, or Hope.
All forms of Mary mean "bitter" so I avoid them.
I like River Faith for a special awaited baby. It takes a river of faith to get some children into our arms!

Lady G~ said...

You're beloved wife sent me over. :o) My TT was about names too. You've listed some beautiful names.

Our friend named their daughter Faith Hope. I really liked how sounds.

My daughters and I help take care of children 4 and under while the mom's are at our church bible study (during the day). One of the little girl's name is Sarah Grace.

It's amazing how children either grow into their names or are just like their names. Hmmm...

Jeannine said...

I like Maryn. Maybe Maryn Hope?