Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well, it's been an interesting evening what with napping on the couch for two hours, watching Lucy and Pixel play together all evening, and starting to watch Heros. My brother downloaded the entire season and burned DVD's for me, so I've been sitting in front of the laptop all night. I am enjoying it, but I really want to know what's up with Nikki and her apparent death-spasm, and what's with this unseen Sylar who has apparently cut open the brains of people on multiple coasts?

Beyond that, I went to work feeling very tired this morning but I made the best of it, with the breakdown coming at the end of the shift when we had a $400+ order to go out to an apartment complex and the one manager who is causing the most trouble for me with other staff members decides not to complete his work, leaving it for me and not telling me about it so I have to panic to get the order ready and to the guest late. The problem is there is no punitive recourse against his actions and if I complain, it will make me look like a whiner, this while my job is threatened due to the attitude the staff has towards me in part because of this guy's actions (complaining to them about me).

Anyone wanna pay me about $45,000 to do something I can do and enjoy with little other human interaction?

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Cyndi said...

its so funny that I'm Princesscyndi,yankees fan. ok I get that I am somewhat of a crazed fan.