Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday so far

Trivia last night... we were in 3rd place before the final bonus and blew it, so we did not place. We did enjoy about an hour with Mrs. Leslie McElhanon, a friend from church and small group.

The question we missed was... in 1989 Sports Illustrated released the 25th Anniversary Swimsuit issue. Who was the cover model? a) Christie Brinkley b) Elle MacPherson c)Kathy Ireland or d)Cindy Crawford

The answer was Kathy Ireland, we said Elle. This was 19 years ago y'all.

This morning Amy made her breakfast casserole and it was GOOD. Eggs, ground sausage, bread, and cheese I believe.

We watched some TV, slept through most of the movie Michael Clayton, and I mowed the lawn.

Now it's a little chill time before a shower and off to work for the night shift.

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