Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Moving On A Bit

Well friends, a few weeks ago I got in a blogging funk of sorts and I did not post anything new for about a week. Just before that I had advertised a contest here on Valtool's Box and I never got back to it. The goal was to nominate someone you felt was deserving of a prize and I would review the nominations and make a choice. There were a few good ones. I wasn't particularly clear I guess and a lot of the nominations were limited in detail as to why the nominee was deserving, but I found something unique about one nominee and she is my choice.

Verna the Blog Fairy is my winner. The primary purpose is... she was nominated by more than one person, something no one else was! She is a China Mom and does blog template designs to raise some cash, but in the past month, and again for June, the proceeds of her work are going to benefit an orphans charity in China called Starfish. So congratulations to Verna. I'll put together a little prize pack of things we brought back from our Caribbean cruise.

I actually have been planning to talk to Verna about an update to Valtool's Box, but I am having trouble coming up with an idea for a new template, so I will open up the floor for suggestions based on what you know of me from reading the blog.

And finally, for today, a plug. Last night I spent some time with a friend from church who was very excited about discovering the 80's videos on YouTube. Speaking of 80's videos....

go check out Taking You Back at www.rockingthe80s.blogspot.com leave a comment about one you like, make a request or dedication and you might find it on Fridays.

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