Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hobby vs Obesession vs Laziness

I was asked today about the number of times I play cards each week, which varies dramatically according to my work schedule, Amy's work schedule and the opportunity to play. The question involved whether or not I would go play at a restaurant tonight in a free game after playing last Thursday night at a restaurant, Friday night at a friend's house, and Saturday and Sunday afternoon at Winston's.

On Monday we played trivia, Tuesday I worked (and cut the lawn in the morning), and last night we played trivia. So for tonight, was I going to go play while Amy worked. I planned on it and I did it. Had I not gone to play cards tonight I would most-likely have sat in the family room watching TV and goofing off on the internet, so I would not have done anything productive either way. That being the case, why should I feel guilty about doing something I enjoy and that relaxes me. Granted I could have used some of the time to work on any number of things that need cleaned or fixed here at the house, but I chose to play.

A week or so ago I wrote what I thought was a well-thought post about time and it's use. If anyone read it, they did not comment on it, so as far as I know either no one agreed with it or disagreed with it strongly enough to post a comment, or no one cared.

If that's in part the case, it just adds some support that the whole purpose of blogging is primarily a cry for attention and it CAN be a creative outlet, but if no one sees your creative product, there's not much purpose in creating is there? Perhaps the creator gets pleasure from their own work, but there are certainly other things one can do to pleasure oneself.

So how many nights out for a childless uindividual who works a full-time job is too many nights out? Your opinions (if anyone besides my wife and 2-4 others read this)?

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