Saturday, June 14, 2008

Someone else's Bad day at work

On Tuesday I posted about the bad day Brett Myers had as a profesional baseball pitcher. As a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, I was not pleased with the game. Tonight it was someone else's turn.

The Phillies are in St. Louis for three games this weekend against the Cardinals. Tonight was the first game, and the starting pitcher for the Cardinals managed to get outs against the first two batters he faced. The third batter he faced was Chase Utley (who I think has the coolest name in baseball). Utley hit a home run. Then Ryan Howard came to bat. Howard hit a home run. Next was Pat Burrell. Burrell hit a home run. Ouch, double ouch, triple ouch!

In the fourth inning the Phillies scored 9 runs without a home run being hit. The Phillies pitcher, Kyle Kendrick (sounds like a NASCAR driver's name) had two hits that inning and got an RBI! Pitchers are not supposed to get hits in the NL!

By the time all was said and done, the Phillies won the game by a score of 20-2. This only tied the record for the most runs scored by a team this season. The other time a team scoroed 20 runs in a single game, it was the Phillies (against Colorado).

Now if only the Phillies could get pitching as dependable as their batting.

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