Monday, June 09, 2008

It is Finished....

.... The lawn, that is. It took just over a half an hour for front, sides and back. Again, all credit and praise to those who developed the self-propelled front-wheel-drive lawn mower. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website, the temperature in Atlanta is currently 93 degrees with an expected high of 99 today (96 or 97 is the record for the date) and a "feels like" temperature that is currently 104. I have showered. I have roused my wife from her slumber, and we are heading to the pool! I earned it.

Now here's a thought that reflects on laziness (not necessarily mine, but who am I kidding). If we were to devote one hour per day (even on average so as not to have to work it in every day) to working on cleaning or otherwise fixing-up, improving, or maintaining our houses, what would that take.

Let's do the math. One hour out of twenty-four, hmmm, 1/24 = 4.1666... percent.

How can we not agree to give less than 5% of our day to labor around our domicile?

How about less than 5% of our day (one hour) exercising?

How about less than 2.5% of our day in prayer or worship? That's half an hour!

Figure 70% of the day goes to work, getting to work, and sleep (not at work!), that leaves us 30 points for whatever else. 30-5 for exercise -5 for chores, -5 for eating. We still have 15% of the day for whatever else, playing with our kids, talking with our spouse, watching TV, surfing the web... that 15% is almost 4 hours and we still fit in sleep, work, food, exercise, chores and an option for a half an hour of time with God.

What do you think?

(and don't forget in a 7 day week most people have 2 full days off from work, adding 16-18 more hours back into the math)

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FRIGGA said...

I couldn't spend an hour a day doing chores, I'd run out of chores to do. But that's what happens when you have no kids, no pets, and an extremely clean roommate who's never home. :0

BTW, I'm not sure you read my post, it had nothing to do with gum.... scratching my head on that one...