Friday, June 20, 2008

In the Headlines

One High School, 17 Pregnancies

Let's try the one-liners and see what my reader(s) can come up with. To start....

It wasn't me!

I did not have sexual relations with those women.

Sounds like they need some new after-school activities.

But Mom! I'm going to be the only one in my class without a baby!


Audrey said...

I did it with the 24 year old homeless guy - who can beat that?

FRIGGA said...

The last one is the acurate one, they all made a pact to get pregnant. That's what happens when parents stop being parents and allow the school to do these sort of things.

It's disgusting and those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

amy said...

I read this as well. I read that these girls really did not have love in their family or themselves (read this on comcast I think)

Its so sad that they did just so they could plan showers and do "the fun stuff"

Bubba's Sis said...

If everyone else went out and got pregnant would you do it too? Wait, don't answer that.