Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trivia Update

Went for the standard Wednesday game and had a new and different experience. We were part of a FIVE-WAY tie for 2nd place. The host had never had that happen so she started trying to break it.

First, all five teams had to answer this question - How many million copies of "Thriller" did Michael Jackson sell? The winner was to be determined by what team came closest. We said 27 mil. The answer was 28 so we were closest, but another team ALSO said 27, so we had a new tie.

We had another question with that team only as our competition. The winner would get second place and the loser would get third, and the next closest team from the Thriller question secured 4th place.

Tie-breaker #2. In what year was hockey's Stanley Cup first awarded. We have a Canadian on our team, but it was not enough. We said 1885. The other team said 1895, and the answer was 1893, so they were closer and took second and we got third, but we had fun!

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FRIGGA said...

How fun! Even though you didn't win, I bet it was way more fun then when it's not that close! :)