Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Dates

Thirteen Things about Mike

Thirteen Memorable Dates With Amy

1. The first one, dinner at Bennigan's, driving around the UCF Campus, a long time talking about interests.

2. Dixie Chicks concert, had her convinced we were going to a rodeo.

3. A walk, that went long, the trail end was further than we expected and it was about 7 miles by the time we finished.

4. Picnic in the city park on the river with the Parrotheads.

5. Tourist weekend to Chattanooga. We went to the aquarium, Rock City, and got a hotel with a jacuzzi in the room.

6. Orlando Magic basketball game with a post-game concert by Avalon.

7. Taco night with my future-sister-in-law and her husband and Charlie the dog (boxer).

8. Wrapping Christmas gifts at Florida Mall with the Parrotheads to raise money for charity.

9. Any movie or dinner at Waterford Lakes where we then went to Petland to look at the animals.

10. Dinner at Tijuana Flats with my future-brother-in-law, Weslry aka DJ Diplo.

11. Universal Studios Islands of Adventure on the same day Amy's cousins were there, and having lunch at the Margaritaville Cafe.

12. Taking the same cousins (Sheena and Danielle) driving around looking at Christmas lights along with their little cousin Andy and going to Friendly's for ice cream when we finished.

13. Looking all over for an appropriate place to have dinner when I returned from a business trip to Missouri and finding our way to the WW II themed restaurant by Orlando Executive Airport where I presented Amy with an engagement ring, and a goofball waiter came up and said, "Did you just get engaged?

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amy said...

SOunds like great fun. Man, you know whats funny? I have been on those exact same dates! Must have been a pretty cool guy planning all of them!

Love you!

Sue said...

Awwww what a nice TT :) I'm going to borrow this idea from you for a future TT of my own ... :)

Happy TT!!! My list is up here:

My Life In The Urban Zoo

kay said...

Sound like you'd be a fun date! Lots of cool places on that list.

SJ Reidhead said...

At least you are dating.

The Pink flamingo

SandyCarlson said...

Very nice!

On a limb with Claudia said...

ahhhhhhhhh - that's just so sweet! Thanks for sharing! :)

Happy TT

Buck Naked Politics said...

What a sweet list! Amy is a lucky gal.

Lucy said...

this was so sweet! ever notice, there's always a goof ball waiter wherever you eat? haha
Nice story here. :)) said...

Aw, what a sweet post! My heart melted a little bit reading those. Amy is very lucky to have you!

Happy TT :)

Meju said...

Sounds like you and Amy have fun together!

April said...

That restaurant is/was pretty special to several of us!! #13
It is no longer there! So sad!!
I like this idea. I may post something like this at some point.

Alice Audrey said...

You did 9 more than once? Sounds like fun.

Mine is here:

FRIGGA said...

Very romantic! Any of those beat any of my recent "outtings" 8-\

Denise Patrick said...

Wow - so neat. It's great that you remember so many of them. I don't think my husband and I remember many of our dates.

Happy TT!