Friday, June 13, 2008

Didja Ever?

Be aware, the following is a venting of frustration with an annoying individual. The possibility of action as described os 0%.

Did you ever just want to smack someone? Not necessarily hard, but hard might be good. :)

I'm at work today and a ladt comes in who is a 25-year younger version of Magda, the screwy next-door neighbor to Cameron Diaz' character in There's SOmething About Mary. You know, way overly tanned, about the color of bacon, flambouyantly colored sundress, etc. So I helped her yesterday when she dropped off some filma nd today she comes back to pick it up.

She decides she wants to look at them before I ring them up, which is the immediate indicator that she doesn't know how to use a camera and wants the company I work for to pay for her mistakes with the cost of the chemicals and paper. She finds two pictures she does not want, that's one frame of double prints. I go back into the computer to make the adjustment and the price of her job drops, are you ready for this? 14 CENTS!

So I give her a corrected total. After some items she was returning, her total went from $5.45 to $5.30. She looks in the purse for her charge card. Flostered, she resigns herself to cash and says she'll have to break a twenty. Having experienced some form of epiphany, she says hang on and goes for coins coming up with 29 cents and then ASKS ME FOR A PENNY!

I just wanted to smack her. She's so cheap she won't cover 14 cents worth of her mistake and then, even though she has a full $20, she wants me to help her pay just so she won't have to carry some coins around in her gym-bag-sized purse?

Here's the photo logic BTW. If you go into a craft store and buy some paper, paint, and brushes and you go home and try to paint a picture of your cat, but realize you suck at painting, you do NOT have the option of returning the used paper, paint, and brushes. How is this different from the scenario when you shoot a frame of film (poorly) and want a business to credit you for the cost of their paper, chemicals, and labor of their employee?

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