Monday, June 16, 2008

First and Last Meme

Copied from Frigga @

First real job: Age 14 - a Christmas tree lot in Stone Mountain, GA, where I tasted my first beer, a Moosehead which should not be ANYONE'S first beer.

First screen name: fldebfan and or valjean, lived in FL and am a fan of Deborah "Debbie" Gibson and was a fab of Les Miserables

First funeral: Mr. March, my brother's friend's father. I was maybe 8 or 9

First pet: George/Fluff depending on who was calling him, long-haired tabby/persian orange cat

First piercing: One and only one, left ear, 1997, so I was 26

First tattoo: not applicable

First credit card: Freshman year of college, first purchase - sent a girl flowers

First kiss: You know, I don't remember. I can only guess it was my first girlfriend, Kerry. We won't be going there.

First enemy: Scott and Doug, two guys in elementary school who like dto pick on the fat kid.

Last car ride: Well, I usually drive, but I did get a ride home from work today from Amy. I decided to get up and walk to work this morning when it was 69 degrees out. She did not want me walking home in 93 degree weather this afternoon.

Last kiss: Yesterday I think, but in about 15 minutes it will be tonight.

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FRIGGA said...

Thanks for posting this!!! Man, I wish I lived close enough to work to walk - unfortunately it would be walking a marathon, literally :0

Happy Tuesday!! :)