Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ever have one of those days at work where you do a good deal at work, and you don't care that it's getting later and later because you are getting things done? I had a day like that today. I was scheduled 8-3:30, but I have some flex time (about 5 hours a week) for projects and covering special needs, so today I did not leave until almost 6pm and I felt good about my day of labor.

I got caught up on paperwork and organized part of the lab that needed a little work.
I called about 15 customers with outstanding orders to be picked up and cleared about 5 more from the inventory due to various issues that enabled me to close them out.

I served the guests who placed orders with us throughout the day.

I worked a ton of product into the cooler, making room for tomorrow's truck and clearing out a lot of overstock.

I restocked the 12-pack displays of Pepsi products which are on sale this week, which required moving about 50 12-packs.

When I walked out the door I felt pretty good.

Icame home to relax a little, check email and finish watching "Usual Suspects" with Amy and then we went to trivia at Winston's. We were joined by Charlie and his 4 year-old daughter Sabrina and we had a good time despite struggling a lot in the early rounds. We made a comeback and placed 3rd. We actually played last night at our old venue in Roswell (Tijuana Joe's) becuase we hoped to play with our old teammates the Houghs but they could not make it. We took first place there and won $40 in house cash.

Tomorrow should be interesting because it is truck day but I have a project day in the lab. The plan/policy now is once a year DTR (our company electronics and support division) comes out and does inspection and evaluation on our equipment with a pass/fail result. This will be my first one and it is really bad because I have only been on this machine for 6 weeks where I was on the machine at my last store for 8 months.

I am looking forward to possibly hitting the gym tomorrow and hopefully going out and giving blood in the next few days. Do any of you do that? I gave over 2 gallons when I lived in Orlando. I am O-positive which is a good one to have to donate.

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