Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scam Avoided?

Last week I was at work one day and I received a mysterious phone call. The caller heard my name and said I was the one he needed. He said a coworker of his had been in the store and I had either helped his coworker or him. They liked my service and how I instructed people and were interested in if I might consider a change in employment. I was interested, and agreed to meet with him to discuss opportunities with his company this week. I was supposed to be there today at 10:30am.

The exciting thing to me was the earning potential, and when I asked, he said he was with Citibank.

Last night I checked the address where we were to meet on mapquest. I also did a whitepages.com search on Citibank in the area of the address and found no matches.

I did a reverse search on the phone number and found it was a cell phone.

I googled the address and it came up as Henriquez and Associates. I hit on the address lead me to a link on ripoffreport.com.

It turns out there is a direct affiliation with Citibank with a company called Primerica. There are reports of odd recruiting practices and contract issues with money required and being difficult or impossible to get refunds. Basically there are elements of this company that are similar to pyramid marketing schemes and it's a good way to lose $199.

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FRIGGA said...

I stick with rule # 1 - never PAY someone to work for them.

Smart thinking on your part to research it because it definitely sounds like a scam. :)