Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lock Down the House!

Well, Pixel may not like it, but as of very early this morning, our house is on lockdown.

We went to trivia last night after meeting with our social worker to update our adoption home study. We lost at trivia after being in 2nd place before the final bonus question, which was what 4 connecting states are all among the 9 most-populous states in the USA. We had 3 of the 4 correct, with the answer being NY, PA, OH, and MI. Our guess had been NY, NJ, PA, OH.

So we got home and we are close to heading to bed in our almost-spotless bedroom when I notice Bagheera is in the kitchen and I call out a hello to my brother's fat black cat. I then look more closely and realize it is NOT Begheera. This is important because we only have one black cat in our household. I get up to investigate and discover it is a cat we have seen in the neighborhood before and that on at leat two ocassions before we have seen in our house. So he saw me coming and he turned and fled through the doggie door.

I followed to yell at him and scare him off (using the patio door rather than the doggie door).

We went to bed late (about 2am) and around 2:45 Amy wakes me up worried about our cats because she can hear one of them crying/growling. So we get up and we find the strange black cat is in the white room (LynnMarie's future room) with at least 2 of our cats confronting him/it. We cause it to run, but it runs to our room. I follow and it goes to the hall bathroom (passing the stairs and escape twice. Out of the bathroom it runs into Peter's room and under the bed. A flashlight and broom drive it out and it runs down the hall away from the stairs further to hide under a bed in the guest bedroom. It wound up under one of the twin beds with Bagheera who was not very happy about the arrangement. By lifting the beds up I managed to flush him out again, chasing him down the hall past closed doors, down the stairs and out the doggie door which I then secured with the slide panel.

Then I went back to bed.

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wfbdoglover said...

LMAO - Cute story. We have an orange and ginger cat. Someone down the block has one that lookes almost exactly the same. They told us once they picked him up and brought him inside thinking theirs got out. About the exact time our cat freaked out and extracted all four paws of claws he saw his own cat in his own house. Needless to say we had a good laugh about that one.